Today, J visited R’s pharmacy where he was given a white coat and some clear orange pill bottles.  He was VERY proud of his new coat, and wore it into the next stop- the tire store- and then home.  When R got back home from a long day of monitoring dosages, drug interactions, contraindications, meth books, and counting thousands of pills by hand, J met him at the door wearing his new coat. “Let’s play pharmacy!”  he yelled.

“No way,” R said.  “I’ve been playing pharmacy for nine hours straight already.”

J swished across the room in his long white coat.  “Well, play it for ten!”



It should be noted that while growing up I was given dozens of IV bags, orange pill bottles, and pharmaceutical rep gadgets, I never received a white pharmacists coat.

Me:  Hey, J.  Do you want a tea cookie?  I just got them from the bakery.

J:  [unconvinced, peers into the box]  Those aren’t cookies…

Me: Then what do you think they are?  

J:  It’s a bra! 




J: Mommy. you are going 80 miles per hour and moving up to 90. hey cops will see you, pull you over, and give you a ticket and make you pay money that you don’t have.

Me: boy, is that true.

J: Then, when you say “but I don’t have any money,” he will just take you and put you in jail. Then you won’t have ANY money at all because is it costs too much to get out.



Midnight Pajama Run 5k! J ran around stealing light sticks. I stole some, too. GO FROGS!!!

Yep, our parakeet got caught.  Don’t worry, she’s just really sticky.