J inherited a shredder from my mom. I gave him dozens of documents to shred, and he got right to work. After about twenty minutes, he tried shredding an envelope with a plastic window. It got jammed in the shredder and began smelling like melted plastic. I finally got all the shredding, but then it stopped working completly. I threw it in the trash with a sigh, and J took it out. “Just because you can’t fix it doesn’t mean it’s broken.”

I laughed, but didn’t think any more of it. Later, I opened up the freezer and saw the shredder motor sitting on a bag of peas. “J! Come get this out!”

“Oh, just leave it in for a few more minutes. It’s cooling down,” J called.

I shrugged and remembered some geek who told me to put my hard drive in the freezer after my cpu crashed.

Fast forward one hour, and I heard the shredder shredding…