Agent J rang the doorbell for the three thousand millionth time this afternoon, wanting more attention since I’ve been engrossed in the final stages of my dissertation. I had already been outside in the last hour to ride bikes, watch J ride bikes, watch him ride bikes again, watch him mark up the driveway with tire rubber, etc.  I gently refused his invitation and asked him to stop ringing the doorbell so I could get some work done.  Silence….then:

“Mommy!  Come outside!  There’s a pink Girl Scout cookie on the back of my bike!  Come look!”

It was funny, so I got up and went outside.  “Aww! Where is it at?”

“See it, just keep watching my bike.  It can be a blue or a green Girl Scout cookie if you’d like!”

I “took” the cookie and went inside.  Next time he came to the door, I offered him pink Girl Scout cookies.  He smiled and “ate” the cookie and returned to his bike riding without any more disturbances for a while.  🙂