Not Agent J. He needs a buddy who likes snakes and works on cars.

This evening he lowered the tailgate on the truck and asked me to come talk.  I did, and he asked if I was proud of him for seeing a wild snake and alerting the people around us earlier at Callaway Gardens. “Of course, I am very proud. You’re a hero. You even held the doors for some people.” 

J smiled, which is something I haven’t seen much of this month since The Boss left. Then he asked if he could visit MAJ S who lives down the road, and invite him to sit on the tailgate and talk. I said “Yes,” because MAJ S also restores old Mustangs and is a good guy. J was embarrassed and begged me to tag along in case the Major and his wife “yelled or laughed” at him.  I followed him far enough to barely hear his voice and attempted to look inconspicuous standing in the cul-de-sac (fail).

Agent J told Maj S that he needed to talk (strange coming from a neighborhood kid to a childless guy) so I walked over and told MAJ S that J was having problems being separated from his dad. The Major understood and asked J where The Boss was at and what he was doing. For the first time in weeks, J answered clearly and completely, and offered additional information. Then he asked to talk about Mustangs and explained MAJ S about the current and future plans with our motor.  They spoke more about cars, the snake experience, and home improvement.

The mosquitoes were horrible, so I ended the conversation. MAJ S invited J back to talk at any time.

J was very happy and thanked the man. His mood changed for the better for the rest of the night and he even changed the dirty air filter in the hallway.

Poor boy. But I’m very proud of his initiative and finding someone to talk to. So proud of him.