Agent J and I were shopping for Superbowl sustenance when I became engrossed in comparing containers of bean dip.  Within a moment I heard, “Oh my GOD!  Look at that kid!”

I choked on my embarrassment when I saw that J had enclosed himself inside of a foggy glass door freezer and rubbed two little circles for his eyes to peek out.  Both hands were pressed flat against the glass and  he began roaring at some shoppers, fogging up the glass even more.  I pulled him out of the freezer and screamed in a whisper, “What the heck are you doing???”

“I’m that mean fish that got frozen in Ice Age,” he explained.  “I wanted people to see my frozen eyeballs looking around and see how scary I am.”

“Stay out of the freezers and come on now!” I said sternly while making apologetic eye contact with our audience.

Agent J trotted behind me saying, “Sorry, folks! Show’s over.  No more to see here!”

Sometimes I just want to laugh when I know I shouldn’t.