Many years ago my seven-year-old sister and I hit up Oregon Craft & Floral to buy supplies to make Mom a Mother’s Day gift.  She chose a little wooden box with the intention of gluing little wooden letters that spelled MOM.  The store was out of O’s, and my four year old brain thought, “Hey, why don’t we use a zero instead of an O?”

My sister thought I was a genius and bought two M’s and a zero.  I have felt smug about this improvisation for years.  Until today.

Agent J was in his room making necklaces for all the women in his life.  He ran out of the most important letters, M’s and O’s.  I expressed my sorrow and within a few minutes forgot about his plight.  He emerged moments later from his room with a necklace that said MOM.  He used two upside down W’s and scratched the tail out of the letter Q.

This is my favorite piece of jewelry.  Ever.