From the babysitter:

“Words from J: “I HAVE TO SIT ON THIS VENT SO I STAY WARM AND MY TOOTS DON’T FREEZE!!” hahahahaha .. i’m so keeping your kid. He cracks me up! Smart kid .. we definitely don’t want our “toots” to freeze lmao! Then he told me that YOU MAKE him do the laundry and when he’s not fast .. he has to go into the dryer hahahhaah .. then he told me the dryer bit him lol. Such an imagination (or is it?! lol)”

From Uncle J:

“hey. j locked me in the gameroom last night. i had to get up to pee around 3 am…and couldn’t get out. needless to say i had to use the window. and this morning the little gremlin came up to me grinnin’ big. i told him i would get him back. its on now!! oh and I taught him how to sing “spider pig.””

From Aunt J:
“So your son learned to swim this weekend…the first time he swam to me he wrapped his arms around my neck and I was cheering for him, I guess pretty loudly. He said “Aunt Jessica, you are hurting my ears!” To which I replied that I was sorry and wouldn’t hurt his ears anymore. He said “No! I like it when you hurt my ears!” So he continued doing a great job swimming and I continued cheering loudly.  :-)”