J was lying on the couch sucking water out of a hole in the side of a water bottle. “Why did you poke a hole in that bottle?” I asked.

“To keep you gross people from drinking my water.”

Good thing I like smart alecks.

This morning I woke up to a bottle being pushed into my mouth by a smiling baby boy.  Thanks for breakfast, K!
J learned to use my dad’s flight simulator. He took off from dad’s real hangar at the Angelina County Airport and flew all the way to Kuwait in a yellow bi-plane. I had to make him land to come eat breakfast.

J walked past me to the door and flashed a ring of keys. ”These are the keys to the Cobra, right?”

Already? At least he asked.

I was making grilled cheese sandwiches for J when I got distracted and completely burned the bottoms of the two sandwiches. I peeled them apart and stuck them together, making a charred cheese sandwich. I jokingly presented it to J and said, “Sorry it’s a little crispy.”

He didn’t bat an eye, took it, and bit into it. After he chewed it up, he said, “It’s wonderful. You should cook it longer, though.”


Taking blood pressures and pulses around town. Most importantly, he makes people smile. 🙂

J inherited a shredder from my mom. I gave him dozens of documents to shred, and he got right to work. After about twenty minutes, he tried shredding an envelope with a plastic window. It got jammed in the shredder and began smelling like melted plastic. I finally got all the shredding, but then it stopped working completly. I threw it in the trash with a sigh, and J took it out. “Just because you can’t fix it doesn’t mean it’s broken.”

I laughed, but didn’t think any more of it. Later, I opened up the freezer and saw the shredder motor sitting on a bag of peas. “J! Come get this out!”

“Oh, just leave it in for a few more minutes. It’s cooling down,” J called.

I shrugged and remembered some geek who told me to put my hard drive in the freezer after my cpu crashed.

Fast forward one hour, and I heard the shredder shredding…